The Only Way to Get Produce Fresher is if You Grow it Yourself
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Welcome to our farm! Entering our 8th year of growing produce we are hopefully wiser and definitely more focused on bringing you the best in local all natural/chemical free produce. Our goal is to continue to bring a wide variety of quality produce, but at the same time narrowing our focus to ensure even higher quality and better consistency in our product. This year will mark the first year of bringing our own fruit to your table. Apples we hope will be plentiful and we will have a limited amount of pears. We will continue to expand our future fruit production with the addition of more trees and raspberries this coming year. We have evaluated our vegetable production and have realized for various reasons that in trying to grow 38 different vegetables we were struggling to maintain it all to the quality levels we and you our customers expect. For this reason we are scaling back to 25 different vegetables and focusing on producing higher quality crops with greater frequency in this selection of vegetables. To compensate we will partner with a handful of other local farms in the area that are within 20 miles of us to grow some of the items we are no longer producing. These farms are all family owned and operated. They grow all natural/chemical free as we do and in the case of some they are certified organic. We feel this is a win/win scenario (for you the consumer) by helping the local farming community, not just partnering with one farm, but supporting a greater local network of farms. At the same time, this will help to stream line our workload, equipment needs and focus our efforts on the crops we are growing as well as our expanding fruit production.


Tracy & Richard Vinz, The Staff & The Aussies (Adelaide & Brizbane)